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Jodi Womack, founder of No More Nylons, is an entrepreneur, a speaker, a networker, and most importantly as a woman, a friendly and kind-hearted person. She plans networking events for women founded on friendship rather than competition. So many women can get wrapped up in the rat race but Jodi focuses on the human component–the essential desire we have as women for camaraderie and support. I just had to share her advice with you. Enjoy! (Click here to read the whole interview.)


In “Have You Made a Friend Cry Lately? (I Have),” Jodi talks about the perils of giving feedback too quickly, without taking the time to think about how it’s going to land (and yes, I have done the same thing recently; ouch!).

Three Types of Feedback

But more importantly, she lays out a taxonomy of types of feedback that any of us can easily apply. Jodi writes…
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LIFE BY ME, by Sophie Chche

I just turned 40 and I’m realizing that I have a voice. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve found the issues and people I want to speak about, connect with, and promote. I’m so in alignment and so excited to be doing these projects that I don’t feel like I’m working anymore. I’m beginning to understand all those clichés, like “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” They always sounded cheesy before, but now that I’m experiencing them they’ve become guideposts… (read the whole article)


Woman of the Month: JODI WOMACK
Dolly Hopkins, supports community building through presentations, speaking engagements and workshops, as she continues to share her unique vision of Celebrations with the world… This monthly interview highlights some really amazing women who are shaking things up and making a difference through creativity and bold endeavors. They have been chosen because I’m inspired by their powerfully persuasive spirit and their tenacity to make things happen. They are sisters in their creative ingenuity, building a legacy for others through their actions and venturesome spirit…

Here’s a little bit about her:
Usually you’ll find Jodi somewhere in the world sipping on a latte. One of her goals has been to create a “geographically independent” career which means she’s able to do her work from almost anywhere on the planet with a laptop and wifi… In 2007 she and her husband, Jason, launched a leadership development firm that enables them to travel and see the world as they present workshops on productivity and professional networking.

Ojai Valley News, Women of Ojai, August 2011
“Ojai’s Womack goes global with Women’s Business Socials” by Chris Wilson

In a world that is becoming increasingly virtual, Jodi Womack is a finding a unique way to bridge the gap between the online world of social networking and old- fashioned face-to-face interaction.

It’s a passion for Womack, who is in the process of developing a system that offers an empowered sense of independence to the people she meets and with whom she works. Building on her life’s experience and more than 10 years working in the personal productivity and organization industry, Womack’s No More Nylons and the Women’s Business Social are nurturing an increasing entrepreneurial spirit that she sees bubbling up around her. She says the concept grew out of her desire to create a networking event that she would want to attend. And nearly two years into the process, WBS has garnered nearly 4,000 Facebook fans and the meetings draw anywhere from a handful to hundreds.

“I’m inspired by the people who take the risks to do what they love,”
Womack says. She cites Dyana Valentine who originated the name tag tagline: “I’m really good at,” and the Communicatrix Colleen Wainwright a brand master and the inspiration for “Snooty Ladies not allowed.” Locally she points to Kyra Ryder of Lulu Bhanda’s Yoga Studio which has taken its annual Yoga Crib from a local event to an international concept.”

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~,  July 28, 2011
“A Woman’s Take on Networking” by Nicola Kean

A few years ago, Jodi Womack started attending business-networking events in Ojai, California. The cofounder of workplace-performance consulting firm The Womack Company, she was looking for a social experience with fellow businesspeople.

“They were so depressing,” she says. “Everybody seemed scared of future forecasts, it was just a very sad experience.” So in February 2009, she got together with 13 female friends who also owned businesses in her town to talk and socialize. After everyone went home, she began getting phone calls and emails about when the next meet-up was going to be. And so No More Nylons was born.

It’s about community and engaging with other businesswomen in a noncompetitive, nurturing way, she says. “It really just came out of a need and desire for something social.” The name of the company represents getting out of uncomfortable work clothes and doing something you really enjoy.

Every event is held at a local venue that donates the space. There’s no speaker, no structure, just a place to talk and meet other entrepreneurs. “I sometimes have to kick people out at 11 o’clock at night,” she says.


Ventana Magazine, June 2011
“5 Progressive Thinkers: Locals on the Leading Edge”
“For Jodi Womack, the regular eight-hour workday never really felt right. So what did this progressive thinker do? She took her entrepreneurial mindset and embraced it as a lifestyle.”

Read the whole article on Ventana Monthly Magazine, Article by Allison Costa. Photo by Gary & Pierre Silva.


Ojai Quarterly Magazine, “Jodi Womack talks about how to get out of the work you have to do and start doing the work you love to do.” by Susan Hart Hellman, photos by Caitlin Petersen.

“For Womack, gathering large groups of people together is natural. So two years ago, when her  husband and business partner Jason Womack suggested that she expand her concept of “bringing some local girlfriends (all business owners) together to talk” that seemed natural, too. the result was No More Nylons, which hosts the Women’s Business Social, which has racked up 2,832 Facebook “likes”. In January, Jodi decided that even more women should be included, and now Women’s Business Socials are popping up worldwide…” Read the whole article in the Ojai Quarterly magazine Summer 2011, available in print edition only at this time.


Skirt! Featured “She’s So Skirt” By Charlene Ross, July 2011
“In January of 2007, after working at the David Allen Company for seven years, Jodi and Jason decided to start their own consulting firm, The Womack Company. Their company works with businesses both big and small to create a custom workplace system that maximizes productivity.

But it is Jodi’s desire to reach out to and bring together the women in her community that makes her so skirt!

In 2009 Jodi brought together thirteen women on a Tuesday night and her organization No More Nylons was born. ‘It was really effortless for me to bring these women together because Ojai is a small town and I know a lot of people. I knew that this networking event was a success when my accountant told me that she picked up three new clients that night. So really out of eleven people when you exclude her and me, she found three new clients – that’s amazing!’”


VC Reporter, “Creative Types: Jodi Womack” by Claudia Pardo McFadyen, 11/18/2010
“Founded by Ojai resident Jodi Womack, No More Nylons is a company designed for business networking in an environment that encourages self-discovery. “Women get trapped in what they are good at,” says Womack, “and that sometimes doesn’t build them up as the creative beings that they are.” Womack’s business socials abandon the rules and obligations of the traditional networking structure — no elevator speeches, no R.S.V.P.s, no competition — and encourage women to truly connect with one another, in business as well as in life, health and family. Her goal is to establish a vibrant, engaging community of women who come together to be themselves, rather than prove themselves…” (read the whole article from the “VC Reporter No More Nylons


Ventura County Star, “Women Helping Each Other with Painless Networking”, by Anne Kallas 5/8/2010

“Sometimes when something needs to be done, you just have to do it yourself. For Jodi Womack of Ojai, that moment came about a year ago when she was chatting with husband Jason about the lack of networking opportunities for local businesswomen.

“I kept telling Jason, ‘Somebody should do something,’ and I realized that someone should be me,” Womack said. So she started the  Women’s Business Social in February 2009, and 13 women showed up for the first meeting.

The social, in April 2010 at Osteria Monte Grappa, drew more than 100 women.“I like networking with women because it’s not cutthroat. The scenario is everyone wants to help each other out…” (read the whole article, “Women Helping Each Other…”


LA Women’s Business Examiner, by Brenda Spandrio, 12/15/2010

Jodi Womack of No More Nylons and founder of the Women’s Business Social (WBS) has a special request of those planning to attend the December 16, 2010 event at The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa from 5:30 pm -7:00 pm. She is asking that attendees bring books to donate to the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility(VYCF) library.

“My friend, Patti, told me that the kids in jail have no reading materials, so I gave her a bag of books,” said Womack. “After she thanked me, she said she’d take MORE.” (Read the whole article “Women’s Business Social is collecting books for incarcerated youth.”)


Optimal Development Coaching Blog on 9/13/2010:

“Do you know Jodi Womack?  If you’re a woman business owner who lives in Ojai or other parts of Ventura County, you very well might.  But her reach goes far beyond the county.  Not only is she an international speaker on networking and business development, she has created a women’s networking group, The Women’s Business Social (WBS), that has grown quickly in the last 18 months.  I spoke to Jodi in August, when she and her husband and business partner, Jason Womack (, were  spending the month in Lake Tahoe, catching up on writing, business planning and some R&R.

I asked why she started WBS in February 2009.  “I kept hearing doom and gloom about the economy and decided to bring women together to help figure it out.”  The momentum has been powerful.  The first meeting was 13 women; the second 45.  And the numbers continue to grow, as word has traveled, especially through social media, with over 100 women in attendance each month from Ventura County and beyond…”
(Click on Optimal Development Coaching to read the whole article.)


The Escape Hatch

The Escape Hatch blog January 15, 2010:

If you build it they will come…and keep coming.

Yes, a great line from a great movie (Field of Dreams), if you haven’t seen it – do.  But…also a sentiment fitting for last night’s Women’s Business Social in Ojai.  This brainchild of Jodi Womack (No More Nylons and the Ojai Women’s Business Social) has grown into an overwhelmingly popular and networking-rich environment for women in Socal.  Myself and a friend drove up from Los Angeles to attend, I know a few other women did too.  (Click on the photo to read the whole article. )