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Dyana Valentine
Jodi has a keen ability to mobilize groups with effervescent, dedicated leadership. She shares and teaches her own brand of business and network development with an accessible, natural style. Jodi engages participation–not only with the material–but also facilitates interaction among participants to grow their businesses with aplomb.

I have attended Jodi’s No More Nylons groups and am always moved by Jodi’s effortless leadership. She not only helps us learn simple ways to grow our businesses online and offline, but also serves as an elegant conduit for us to grow our communities! This rare perspective is profound. Jodi is a compassionate, down-to-earth visionary and your world will be that much richer with her presence.

In short, Jodi has what it takes to inspire, motivate and connect to audiences as a speaker as well as in her consulting work. I recommend her without hesitation.

akka b
“Jodi Womack’s contagious enthusiasm has taken a small town in Southern California and turned it on its heels. Last year, when economic hardship hit full throttle and small businesses and entrepreneurs were fighting to stay afloat, Jodi challenged our community to take back power by creating The Women’s Business Social. A natural leader, Jodi’s commitment to cultivating a culture rich in friendly interaction, partnership, exchange of services, encouragement and education has been realized and continues to grow by the day. I’m delighted to have witnessed first hand the many successes born from a little old-fashion rallying and fearless tenacity.”
Allison Stillman
“Jodi Womack has created a fabulous network where women can come together and feel supported and acknowledged in their individual expressions. Jodi brings her passion and enthusiasm to us all, and has created such a beautiful network of powerful women!!!”
“I recently moved to Ventura County and one of the first events I attended was Jodi’s ‘No More Nylons Women’s Business Socials’. It was a relaxed, warm environment that was well-attended by many different types of female business owners. Jodi did an awesome job organizing and engaging the community, and it breeds a much-needed sense of sisterhood and collaboration. She helped me jumpstart my new network here too!”
Amie Valenzuela, Visionary, Teacher, Fearless Leader, NuSkin Enterprises.
“When I met Jodi the first thing I noticed about her is a light that radiants from her she came to my art gallery where I also do hair color and compositional cuts it’s been 39 years coming from Malibu, Ca a town not short on personality Jodi walks her talk! Exuding competence and professional grace and ease I instantly liked her! Jodi brings to Ojai an awareness for opportunity. Business women attending Jodi free business socials enjoy meeting new exciting and in some cases lucrative contacts. Thank you Jodi womack for your idea it’s invertible growth and success speaks about you!I thank you for brilliant light!!”
Brenda Spandrio
“I discovered the Ojai Women’s Business Social shortly after we moved to Ojai a year ago. It was a good place to meet not only potential clients, but colleagues who are in the same industry as I. We’ve been able to support and encourage each other apart from the Socials. In addition, I appreciate the wide range of businesses — I choose products and services with confidence because I’ve gotten to know the women running them.
Jodi’s generosity is contagious and elevates the tone of the Socials so that they are not simply an opportunity to “harvest contacts”, but a true networking where we spread the magic across Southern California and beyond.”
“Networking for Jodi is not simply a topic to teach but a way of life.
I met Jodi in Venice, while she was coaching at an international workshop organized by Generali Group Innovation Academy on Networking. What struck me most was her enthusiasm and her capability, together with her husband Jason, to communicate it in a simple and authentic way. It was suddenly clear to me that the potential in networking was immense.

The social and generally speaking “positive” purpose of the WBS was also clear to me at once, when Jodi presented the initiative, and it was soothing to think that “business” not necessarily has to conflict with “social”.

Even if I haven’t taken part so intensely yet, given a certain geographical distance, I like to receive news from the WBS, it’s like knowing that something important and fun is going on somewhere in the globe. And I know that one day there could be some potential for me too. And I also like very much the fact that “Snotty Ladies” are not allowed!”

Carotta Rossi, Generali Group, Venice, Italy
“This is the very best gathering and networking experience I have ever had in my 30+ years of being in business. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, open and fun. I made contacts with people whom I have already booked business with and who have booked business with me. So much fun and looking forward to the next event. I’m bringing friends too, so that they too can enjoy the experience!”
Ceanne Richards, Founder, Dynamic Exchange Personal Coaching
“The Women’s Business Social is a great way to get plugged into the community. I am new to Ojai and used this opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and find business opportunities. I’ve been to only one social but I was re-energized, inspired and motivated by all the ladies I met. Thank you Jodi for putting together a great networking group. I look forward to attending more.”
Cecilia Villalon, Founder, Omkara Botanikals
Chantal Dussouchaud
“You might think that in a small town of 8000 people surrounded by orange and olive groves you won’t get as many great and qualitative connections as in a megapolis like Los Angeles… well, that’s because you haven’t met Jodi Womack. Jodi Womack deep down likes people and has a great sense of what it takes to make this world turn round and move forward. It comes down to one word: socialization. In our small town of Ojai, Jodi puts together once a month an event where women with businesses gather to exchange their points of view, their latest ideas, their business cards. It is the perfect occasion for all these women to meet other women of various backgrounds, with businesses as diverse as writer, chef, dog trainer, acupuncturist and so on.

Being a business owner might be challenging in this economy but Jodi helps us understand that being part of a community of business women is a way to counter some of these challenges and helps us create a sane environment for our businesses.”

“Jodi is the master at creating THE perfect environment in which to network. Fun. Informative. Supportive. Engaging. Effortless. Inspirational. As a business owner, it can be isolating and overwhelming; however, I look forward to The Women’s Business Social’s networking events because I know I will have a great time, meet some amazing women, and find a fresh new perspective. Jodi is a giving connector. In a gathering of 200, Jodi will take time to sincerely hear about you and willingly connect you to people of the same interest or that can be of help. She is bright, genuine and passionate.”
“I highly recommend Jodi Womack as a presenter and creative entrepreneurial Business Woman. Jodi is poised, sharp and very inventive to have started this amazing forum for the Local Women’s Business networking community. She is fun to watch, a delight to listen to and has really helped myself and many many other Women in our community by bringing us together to network and do business together.”
Deb Court , Owner, Crystal Clear Miracles LLC
“Jodi does an excellent job of laying a foundation for getting things done! Every business social I’ve attended has been fun, informative, and organized. I’ve networked with people that I otherwise may not have had the opportunity to meet. Thanks Jodi!”
Deina Santoyo, Hula Hoop Instructor
“Jodi is magical. She is the fairy godmother of networking. She sets the stage, sprinkles the “dust” and steps back to watch the chemistry happen. And, it always happens in a very gentle and delightful way. I greatly prefer her gatherings over traditional networking events and I never tire of her genuine smile.”
“The Women’s Business Socials in Ojai are monthly “look-forward-to” events connecting local business owners and entrepreneurs in a fun and relaxing way. The social’s change venues, so no meeting is a carbon copy of a previous one. In other words you’ll miss something or someone new if you don’t attend. The women are inspiring, new friends are made and new business collaborators can be easily tapped. Jodi Womack makes it all happen in a refreshingly casual and focused way. She’s lively… and so are her events. Well worth the visit! This should be global and in every town where creativity lives and breathes!”
Diane J. Squire, Owner, Design Software Service
“I love the fun and eager to interact attitude that everyone comes to the social with. There is socializing but very definitely sincere interest and networking that takes place. I have made some great contacts both personally and with business networking. Thanks for the great opportunity to meet the great variety of women in my community.”
Dr. Moira Casey, Chiropractor
Eileen Rosenthal
“Since pre-school comments have been, “Jodi just can’t stop helping people and sit still.” Thank goodness! Jodi brings strangers together with her energy and genuine ease. Everyone leaves with new goals and confidence to build their business contacts.
They say, “Seek and you shall find” — No Snooty Ladies — at Ojai Women’s Business Socials.”
Eileen Rosenthal, Japanese Floral Instructor, Sensei
“Thanks for being our passionate trailblazer, taking us all, and reminding us—Nylons are truly optional… Opening up a world that just gets bigger and brighter everyday for women entrepreneurs emerging, who want to express talents that have been waiting to be explored—–Keep making the world a safe place to discover ourselves and our integral part in making it a better place for all … “
Elaina Fletcher, Life Coaching at Ojai Holistic Healing
“Jodi Womack has the ability to create community and working relationships through her enthusiasm, leadership, and good instincts. A great example is the Women’s Business Socials. Jodi is making a great contribution to the new paradigm in business networking.”
Elizabeth Reynolds , Owner, Stage2Sell/Here2Stay
Heather Saline
“The Women’s Business Social provides a rich source to business connections and business relationships.  The warm social environment gives opportunity to converse on a level not often found… giving a personal touch that is vital in building relationships. It draws together a supportive community.
As a host, Jodi is a natural.  She is articulate with a dash of fun and makes everyone feel a homey comfort all the while keeping things on track.”
Heather Saline, Owner, Commercial Real Estate Investments
“It’s not always easy to get a room full of women who are busy connecting on a business and social level, to stop talking. But when Jodi Womack stands in front of the group, people instantly stop and wait to hear what she has to say. Jodi is a natural and motivated speaker. Charming and knowledgeable, she possesses a commanding presence that is an asset to any seminar.”
Heather Stobo, Graphic Artist & Website Designer
Janet Mahon
“Jodi Womack is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic women I’ve ever had the pleasure to get to know.
I have never before seen a group of women gathered together that have so much fun and get to learn about each other in a caring and complimentary nature. I’ve been to many social groups and Jodi’s Women’s Business Social is tops on my list. Jodi’s venues are always superb for gathering top-notch business women who know how to learn and create an environment for our changing business environment. There’s always lots of buzz in the community about when the next social will occur. I keep her cards on my desk at the bank so that I can share the great experience I have at every event. 
My hats off to Jodi, a true leader in our community.”
Janet Mahon, V.P., Banking Center Manager, Bank of America
Joan Hunter Mayer
“Jodi Womack is the complete package in everything women and everything business. She is inspiring and supportive to all women in our business community, along with be a truly humble person. The business socials she hosts have, and continue to bring our active sisterhood together. Sure we’re able to network and create new business connections, but we’re also able to have fun and make new friends. These events are something we look forward to each month. Jodi is able to keep us connected while continuing to keep the flow of progress moving forward.”
Joan Roberts
“Thank you Jodi for our Social Networking, you are a perfect example of a great host and presenter of your business.  Every meeting I develop new relationships that enrich my life and my business.  One meeting I met someone who wanted to use my real estate services, then meeting her husband I got him involved with a chamber networking group for his new business and referred a ton of business to him.”
Josephine Falvo
“Fabulous, Smart, Creative and Talented!
 Jodi Womack, attracts women who are also Fabulous, Smart, Creative and Talented, to meet, talk business and any other subject. Forward thinking, Dynamic and Strong, these women are Going Places in their businesses and personally. When they meet up, watch out for the explosion as their minds connect and partnerships are made, creating great success stories and helping our local communities. This is a “movement” not just a group of chattering old ladies!!!”
Josephine Falvo, Falvo Health & Wellness
Kate Dunbar
“I am a graduate of Women’s Economic Venture (WEV). when Jodi was our guest speaker, the room was electric with all of her advice, her words and all of her networking information. Jodi opened up my eyes to the sister hood of business women in my area. Jodi made me see that I had a voice in the business world and that other women wanted to hear it. I did not know the importance of women in the business world until I created my own company, Jodi has shown me the valuable networking quilt we all belong to.”
Kathy Gray
“I enjoy Jodi and the Women’s Social Group she has created very much.  Even though I work about 50 miles away, I look forward each month to drive up to Ojai to meet and mingle with soooooooooooo many interesting and professional women. Women whom, I have success and many goals in common. I belong to another social and networking group locally, but there is no other like Women’s Social Group to compare. Each month, at least 100 business women gather there,  eager to meet and exchange positive and supportive ideas!”
Kathy Hartley. Photo by Attasalina Photography.
I own and run businesses in 2 separate towns, and I have been on numerous boards and active in fundraising and festivals over the years. Many of these organizations, including the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce, center on networking and promoting businesses.  In all these years, I have never experienced networking so magical as No More Nylons.  Jodi Womack has created a sensation in Ojai where woman go beyond networking with an energetic camaraderie.   Her enthusiasm permeates throughout the mixers encouraging women to exchange their business connections and ideas.   I think that No More Nylons would be effective in any town or city.
Kathy Hartley, Owner, Lavender Inn & Watermark on Main
Laura Stinchfield
“I found Jodi to be a great asset to the organization of my business. She is knowledgeable, fun, and aware of the latest strategies. She was able to look at my business with great perspective and then hone in on what needed work.”
Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic
“I have been completely amazed by the power of Jodi’s talent to bring together such a large number of business women in such a small geographic area to learn more and patronize each other’s business’.  It is unprecedented for this area and is 100% due to her unique abilities and follow up.  If only I had the same approach, I would be making a million dollars a year in my industry!”
Lesa Caputo , Employee Benefits Producer
“As a result, I have been privileged to participate in the Women’s Business Social from the very start.  Your positive energy and commitment to this group of women is contagious.  I look forward to continuing to be a part of this ever growing group of business women.”
Lisa Casoni
“Jodi is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who has taken networking for women in business to a whole new level.  She has valuable insights into what it takes to grow a business and, through her Women’s Business Socials, creates opportunities monthly for women to meet, build on relationships, share information and grow their businesses – all in great locations around the community without pressure, rules or fees. In addition, she created her No More Nylons website to compliment the business socials where hundreds of women now post and continue to reach out to other women business owners daily.

In the last year, I started my own company and consistently attending Jodi’s business socials has, without a doubt, helped my business grow and prosper.

Although Jodi travels often with her own company all over the world, she stays connected to her community through social media and shows others how it’s done with her own unique style, enthusiasm, confidence, support, and consistent effort.”

Lisa Casoni, Owner, W.I.B. Video
“I found the Women’s Business Social on Facebook and after attending my first social was “hooked”.  This group of non-snooty business women are interested in meeting others and doing business.  I wasn’t surprised to received an embroidery order; what was impressive was how my new customer showed-off my work to others at the next social.  It is about women helping women.  Thank you Jodi for getting it and keeping it going.”
Lisa Rizzo, Owner, Custom Embroidery – Ventura Harbor
Lori Berezin
“There’s something special going on in Ojai… the Women’s Business Social, created and hosted by Jodi Womack. Her entrepreneurial spirit has managed to get lots of people talking on a regular basis at great locations to promote their projects and businesses.  I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie and contacts and look forward to the next event. Keep up the great work, Jodi!”
Lynne Doherty
“Jodi has done an amazing job in getting the Ojai Women’s business community together. She is great at connecting people together in such a fun way. She is a wonderful organizer. Keep up the good work.”
Lynne Doherty, Musician and Private Music Teacher. “Doherty’s Lessons”
“Jodi’s enthusiasm is infectious – She is a true leader and loves to see business owners do well. She is incredible and that’s the truth!  I admire her and how her purpose is truly to help people do better. As a new business owner she opened many new options that I hadn’t thought of and it has created an avalanche of business for me.”
Margaret Lukens_s Photos - Profile Pictures
“Jodi’s passion for supporting women entrepreneurs doesn’t stop at the Ojai border. I live and work some 400 miles from Ojai, near San Francisco, so I can’t be a regular participant in the Women’s Business Socials. Still, attracted by the concept of the Socials, I contacted Jodi when I last visited Ojai. She graciously met with me, and I spent a happy hour as she generously shared ALL the details of how she set up and maintained the group. Jodi is an expert connector.”
“The Ojai Women’s Business Social networking events have been enlightening and encouraging for “this new entrepreneur.  Jodi consistently creates connections with and among other women seeking to build and grow their business, which ultimately engenders a genuine and supportive community. Thanks, Jodi, for sharing your talents and inspiring energy.”
Marian Babauta, Owner, VIRTUAL ADMIN OPTIONS
“Jodi Womack brought an energy to the woman’s business community in Ojai, and by virtue of that, to the entire community that has not existed in my time and I have been doing business in Ojai since 1986…  She has a way of making women want to take part in her networking events, feel good about connecting and have fun doing it. She’s a great speaker and motivator, she makes people feel comfortable networking , feel connected , and feel valued.”
Mary Nelson-Ralph Edwards, Owner, Mary Nelson Skincare
There is an enormous energy when women gather. It is supportive, creative and regenerative and when we bring in our business activity it unleashes more vision, connection and empowerment. Jodi is such a unique and inspiring hostess to the Ojai women community.
“Jodi is ground zero for The Support Economy of interconnectedness and referral purchasing, whether that be through live networking events or strategic use of social networking sites. What Ghandi is to non-violence, Steve Jobs is to hip technology and Martha Stewart is to glue guns and kitchens, Jodi will be THE voice of how a new generation does business: without the attitude, building networks of integrity and treating everyone with dignity and fun. Don’t underestimate the power and business savvy of this hula hoopin’ beauty. Mark my words: this is an empire in its infancy and Jodi its beloved Empress.”
Sandra Lee
“It was my privilege to attend the first of Jodi’s Business Women’s Socials  in February 2009 and to watch her fantastic energy and enthusiasm inspire and unite an entire community of women. Jodi is a genuine and deeply caring person, with an incredible ability to creatively and insightfully assist others in growing their businesses from a position of integrity and delight. The amazing success of the social is a testament to the practicality of women doing business with an attitude of mutual support.”
Sandra Lee , MFT, Marriage & Family Therapist
Sheri Lynn
“‘Snotty Ladies Not Allowed’ is brilliantly organized by Jodi Womack. The changing venue and feel of each meeting creates a fun atmosphere that encourages me to reach outside of my ‘comfort zone’ and practice talking about my business.
I am the founder and owner of a rapidly growing national consulting company. The biggest challenge I have faced is the ability to very quickly introduce my business. As a detail oriented person, squeezing my life’s work into a few sentences has left me tongue-tied in social situations! Jodi’s networking group allows me the opportunity to practice my social skills – both in talking about ‘what I do’ and listening. I have also discovered and can easily access other women’s businesses that I feel good about supporting. As a host, Jodi keeps it mixed up, interesting, and opportunity-laden. She is clearly comfortable in a public speaking format. I appreciate the example.”
“I have attended several socials. I always meet the nicest people. Sometimes it’s a business contact, a barter contact and several times someone who becomes a true friend. Best format ever!”
Susan Justice , Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Susan Baker
“Jodi Womack has managed to do something amazing with The Ojai Women’s Business Social.  It has become a cultural phenomena in the southern California networking world by consistently bringing together 100+ women every month to network, share ideas, resources and support.  As a welcoming community builder and leader Jodi has created a place for women entrepreneurs to bond and share in each other’s success!  I live about 90 minutes away, but I try to attend as often as possible because I meet so many amazing women!”
“The Women’s Business Social was a major highlight of the weekend and a sweet way to embark on my next quest..”

Creative Strategist for People & Good Food Entrepreneurs

Susie Wyshak
“Having been involved in Alternative Healing Arts for over 30 years, one day last year I realized that I had been dealing with and listening to others problems for a long while….I realized I needed to have more fun! Recovering from an automobile accident…I couldn’t drive…….so, a new friend and Hypnotherapist/Chi Gong healer drove me to a meeting in the afternoon to Azu’s…….there was wine, women and lots of laughter!  
We exchanged business cards and stories……..oh, such good stories………It was great for me to hear the enthusiasm of the younger women – their courage, their “Joie d’vivre ( look it up. )”
Sylvia Nichols-Nelson, Alpha Sensory
“As a new business Owner! I had never networked before, when I heard about the woman’s business social I jumped at the chance. For me it was a great place to learn. A place it was ok to make mistakes and ask other business owners how they do it, what worked for them. I was able to go at my own pace and what made me comfortable. I was able to start and make relationships with other woman (and really I didn’t know how before).  There wasn’t a lady at the front door of the club pick and choosing who she wanted in. It was all for one and one for all!  It was ok to make suggestions and throw out ideas. Test your products and learn your market. For all the times I have gone, I meet someone new and hug friends I have already made. Thank you for putting out your passion, when passion is what our little town was lacking! Thank you doing something that I wanted to do and didn’t know how to start!”
Tara Lee Gustafson, Nucerity International
“What sets Jodi Womack’s Women’s Business Social apart from the usual glad-handing self-promoting seminars is her pure open-hearted generosity and creative chutzpah. Jodi is a listener as well as a speaker. She engenders the same within her network. Women come to support one another in spirit and in service and have fun in the process.”
“I have been a self employed business woman in the Ojai Valley for the last 21 years. I have observed this network has grown dramatically in the last year. And, that we can never do enough networking as it has paid off very well for my business. The Women’s Business Socials draw more people than the any of the other professional mixers. There are so many women in different walks of life and businesses I definitely plan on being at the next one and the next one and the next one…”
Colleen Wainwright, aka The Communicatrix
Jodi is less an organizer of people, things and ideas than she is a magician: with a wave of her wand, events come to life, chaos is transformed into order and creativity starts bubbling over. Quite simply, Jodi is one of those deeply smart people who is also deeply wise, but never, ever stuffy about it. There’s a reason everyone wants to work with her once they meet her (and why they work with again and again once they have).
Colleen Wainwright, The Communicatrix
Jodi does an amazing job organizing the monthly Women´s Business Social. The events feel joyous and warm, amazing connections and business opportunities are created – all with an ease to it that makes it a fun night out.
This is like going to church on Sunday! The Women’s spirit is flowing in. And now I can face the world!Can I get a hallelujah.
Freda Ramey, Singer
When I attended my first Women’s Business Social, Jodi immediately set to rest any concerns I had about being properly prepared or finding others to talk with — she has a gracious, inclusive, no-pressure way about her that encourages interaction and puts attendees at ease. The No More Nylons slogan “Snooty ladies not allowed” couldn’t be more accurate; these are laid-back yet professional events that allow you to mingle at your own pace with the best and the brightest.

That’s because Jodi is a world-class speaker and traveler, so her network is vast. She is an incredible resource for pooling talent and for helping those around her learn innovative, time saving ways to work. You can bet at any given social, the room will be filled with skilled entrepreneurs across all industries, and if you’re good at what you do, Jodi won’t hesitate to recommend you in mid-conversation, pointing you out or pulling you into the conversation. I walked away from the event feeling inspired, supported and rarin’ to go! I highly recommend the Women’s Business Socials to all female professionals.

Julieanne Case
I’ve met some amazing women and I’m forging relationships and learning so much from everyone. And it’s all done in a social environment. It’s just a luscious way to do business.
Julieanne Case, Owner, The Reconnective Highway
Being a part of Jodi’s Network of incredible women, I have found an abundance of motivated and talented people who, like me, love what we do. Having been a part of the Women’s Business Social has renewed my passion and purpose for what I set out to accomplish. The Network has introduced me to a community of inspiring people who share their passions and goals and affirm my efforts!