Jodi’s Bio:

Jodi Womack, M.A., is filled with abundant enthusiasm and expansive vision. Her natural leadership is evident in the way she pulled her own community together during the economic slide of 2009. Watching entrepreneurs struggle to stay afloat, Jodi invited business owners to join together once a month to combine resources, share ideas and become empowered to stimulate their own economy. The result has been tremendous; jobs have been created, services exchanged and hope renewed.

Jodi created of the Women’s Business Socials to bring women in business together to have vibrant and meaningful connections in person and online.

She also co-founded The Womack Company with her husband, Jason. Her firsthand experience in business management, marketing, and customer service shines through their training and coaching firm. Jodi delivers innovative ideas with integrity and an authentic desire to see everyone succeed. Jodi turns “best possible scenarios” into everyday success.

Introduction for Jodi on stage:

Jodi Womack started her latest company because she saw a need in her business community. She started going to local networking events and thought they were DREADFUL. She’ll tell you more about that… So she started her own networking event.  It started off as a cocktail party with 13 girlfriends that all own their own companies. Since February 2009, the Women’s Business Socials have had thousands of women, from all over southern California attend her networking events. She also hosted events as she traveled to New York, London, and Zurich. And her online communities have thousands of friends, fans, and followers.  As a result of starting her own events, she’s created a coaching and training company that teaches small business owners who run their own company to “Be seen. Be heard. Be hired!” She’s presented at business conferences in New York, London, Venice, as well as local events. Jodi’s a big supporter of our program and wants to impress upon us the importance of networking in person, in print and online. Jodi told me, her main goal is to teach you how to grow your network without feeling pushy, looking desperate or wasting time. Jodi says the BEST networking ideas, are the ones you’ll actually do. Today, she’ll be giving us some ideas to build up our mindset and our skillset when it comes to building our business by building our networking. And now, here’s Jodi Womack.

Headshots for your promotional use:

 Jodi & Snooty Lady

Jodi Womack