When I launched my company, one of my goals was to have no staff, just some great freelancers and fantastic online services that would fit all of my business services needs. Here are a few of those services that I use. My intention is to help get you up and started in the areas where you need a little help. And ASK me if you have questions… I love talking about this stuff. Really.

*Official Disclaimer:
These links below are affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive some money for referring you when you buy them.

**Unofficial Disclaimer:I pay for all of these services because I use them and think they’re exactly what I need. If I change services, I’ll let you know. We’re smarter together…

Business Support & Accountability Community: Get Momentum

  1. Build a Momentum road map and master the fundamentals of personal growth.get-momentum-logo
  2. Transform routines and habits a workflow routine that creates results.
  3. Practice with tactics to experience an entirely new level of success.
  4. Design an approach to productivity that will lower your stress.
  5. Surround yourself with an encouraging community.
  6. Hold yourself accountable and achieve more.

CRM & Newsletters & E-Commerce: Infusionsoft

Back in January 2012 I consolidated all of the free and almost free apps & online tools we were using for both No More Nylons as well as The Jason Womack Company over to Infusionsoft. I researched it by asking around who was using it. Then I attended their annual conference called Infusioncon and saw over 2000 small business owners who used it successfully. And I decided to take the leap. And it’s no small feat, I’ll admit it. Trading in free apps for a monthly fee program… who would do that? I did. And I’ll tell you why. I knew we needed to grow, and have the tools that could grow with us. I used to use the following programs: Constant Contact (for newsletters), Highrise (for CRM), GoDaddy’s ecommerce and SurveyMonkey. Plus countless widgets in WordPress. Now I just use Infusionsoft. It also integrates with QuickBooks, so my accounting is more accurate and streamline. If you’d like to see a free demo, click on the picture below that says “Watch A Demo.” And let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to share how I’m using it.


FYI: If you’re considering signing up for Infusionsoft, call me first. I will do my BEST to talk you out of it! It is a major business commitment that requires a commitment to learning and a commitment to funding the learning, and also just paying someone much smarter than you or I to just make things happen!  I hire Marc Avery (marc@yourautomationcoach.com; 707.688.5283 cell) to make my large campaigns and repetitive tasks that all need to be perfectly synched together. I know this is a crazy “endorsement” for Infusionsoft… but I need to let you know it’s NOT something you just do on a whim. It’s an awesome business growth tool if you’re really ready to commit to it with your time, money and brainpower.

Presentation Coach: Click here to visit Dyana Valentine.

Dyana is a force of nature! I knew the moment I met her I wanted her on my “team.” I hired her for Pitch Perfect when I first started the Women’s Business Socials to fine tune the message I wanted to share. That’s the beauty of the Pitch Perfect program, I got to talk on and on about what I thought it was. She has this uncanny ability to find the essence of what you’re trying to say and craft a new, precise and intriguing conversation to share.







Cloud Storage:      DROPBOX

So maybe you’ve heard about the “Cloud”, if not, it’s okay too. Really it’s like having an external hard drive that lives in space somewhere. (How’s that for un-technical!) So I use my cloud storage space to put files that I want backed up and to have available from any computer, anywhere in the world that I log in. So by files, I mean photos, video clips, contracts, workbooks, fliers and client letters…

There’s also a way to “share” files with other people as easy as clicking a button that says “Share.” So if you’re not able to send a friend or client a HUGE photo file to their email, you can save it to your Dropbox folder, and click SHARE which will send them an email with a link to just that file. It’s that simple. The free account gives you 2 GB of freespace.


MORE Cloud Storage: Evernote

evernoteSo Evernote is similar to Dropbox.

I use dropbox to manage files that I want to see between all my “computers” (computers, phone, iPads (tablets). I use Evernote to manage digital notes like lists, Agendas of people I need to talk to, hold ideas for reviewing later… that sort of thing. Again, you can choose to share folders with people on your team. This reminds me of the old Palm Pilot “Notes.”





Fax Number:

MyFax.com - Faxing Simplified. Anytime. Anywhere.

I can’t believe I still have a fax number… but every time I go to cancel it, another client, usually a big government agency asks if they can fax me their confirmation agreement letter. So I keep it. It all started years ago… I had a client call me one day and ask if she could fax me the signed contract for some work. I said sure. I clicked on this page, signed up for a fax phone number, and emailed my client the number, within minutes. That’s how fast business moves sometimes. Now, here’s the beautiful part about this. I don’t use faxes very often, I don’t have a fax machine, and I can send and receive faxes from anywhere that I can check email. Simple, really affordable and easy to set up and maintain. That’s the kind of support I want.


Postcards and other print materials:



I make postcards for events because there will always be people who like having something in their HAND! Yes, send emails, but remember to print something too.  When you click here, you and I will both receive a $10 credit to use on our order. (aka affiliate link) Enjoy! https://vistaprint.tellapal.com/a/clk/Zffsy


Other fancy stuff:

Great All Around Travel Inspiration: Chris Guillebeau’s Unconventional Guides

Like all good things on the internet, a friend forwarded me a link to Chris’s site. I was impressed from the moment I saw the website. I read the free “278 Days to Overnight Success”, then I ordered a few more of his pdf guides and signed up for his program on how to make an online info product. What I love about Chris is the authentic voice he uses in his writing. It feels like he’s talking with me… and that he writes about what has worked for him. It’s not theoretical, nor is it what he thinks is a good idea. He writes step by step what he does, and how you can do it too.