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I help people build their business by building their professional network. That can mean different things to different people. I think of NETWORKING in 3 different modes. Go through the 3 topics below and answer the questions. And keep in mind a few questions while reading: What area you’re more drawn to do. What area could really use your attention? If you were networking well, what would that look like? What kind of things would be happening in your business because of it?

  1. IN PERSON: (some people call this “off line”) Where are you showing up? How often are you meeting with mentors, people that ask you difficult questions, and inspirational influencers? Networking is more that just searching for customers. Build your business by building your whole Team.

  2. IN PRINT: Do you LOVE your business card? Do you have materials you could hand to a customer or put in the mail? Do you have them on you all the time? How about an extra stash of them in your purse/car/desk? Some people like the physical reminders, so make sure you have something to put in their hand if they ask. Make sure all of your contact info on your business card is current and relevant. Watch people when they accept your card… do they stretch their arm out and squint? If yes, that means your font is too small!

  3. ONLINE: Where do you show up on the web? Have you ever ‘Googled’ your name and your business name? If not, try it out! What does the web say about you? Are you easy to find, if a someone wants to contact you? Is your online reputation what you want it to be?

So this page is full of questions and links to places within the site with answers, ideas, and resources for you.

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