References. Testimonials. & Other Love Notes…

Jodi has a keen ability to mobilize groups with effervescent, dedicated leadership. She shares and teaches her own brand of business and network development with an accessible, natural style. Jodi engages participation–not only with the material–but also facilitates interaction among participants to grow their businesses with aplomb.

I have attended Jodi’s No More Nylons groups and am always moved by Jodi’s effortless leadership. She not only helps us learn simple ways to grow our businesses online and offline, but also serves as an elegant conduit for us to grow our communities! This rare perspective is profound. Jodi is a compassionate, down-to-earth visionary and your world will be that much richer with her presence.

In short, Jodi has what it takes to inspire, motivate and connect to audiences as a speaker as well as in her consulting work. I recommend her without hesitation.

“The Women’s Business Social was a major highlight of the weekend and a sweet way to embark on my next quest..”

Creative Strategist for People & Good Food Entrepreneurs

Susie Wyshak
Jodi does an amazing job organizing the monthly Women´s Business Social. The events feel joyous and warm, amazing connections and business opportunities are created – all with an ease to it that makes it a fun night out.
This is like going to church on Sunday! The Women’s spirit is flowing in. And now I can face the world!Can I get a hallelujah.
Freda Ramey, Singer
When I attended my first Women’s Business Social, Jodi immediately set to rest any concerns I had about being properly prepared or finding others to talk with — she has a gracious, inclusive, no-pressure way about her that encourages interaction and puts attendees at ease. The No More Nylons slogan “Snooty ladies not allowed” couldn’t be more accurate; these are laid-back yet professional events that allow you to mingle at your own pace with the best and the brightest.

That’s because Jodi is a world-class speaker and traveler, so her network is vast. She is an incredible resource for pooling talent and for helping those around her learn innovative, time saving ways to work. You can bet at any given social, the room will be filled with skilled entrepreneurs across all industries, and if you’re good at what you do, Jodi won’t hesitate to recommend you in mid-conversation, pointing you out or pulling you into the conversation. I walked away from the event feeling inspired, supported and rarin’ to go! I highly recommend the Women’s Business Socials to all female professionals.

I’ve met some amazing women and I’m forging relationships and learning so much from everyone. And it’s all done in a social environment. It’s just a luscious way to do business.
Julieanne Case, Owner, The Reconnective Highway
Being a part of Jodi’s Network of incredible women, I have found an abundance of motivated and talented people who, like me, love what we do. Having been a part of the Women’s Business Social has renewed my passion and purpose for what I set out to accomplish. The Network has introduced me to a community of inspiring people who share their passions and goals and affirm my efforts!